We create custom pieces of jewelry within your budget. You will save money by not paying the overhead of a full retail store and will benefit from us sourcing specific materials you need to create a desired piece of jewelry. Each custom piece that leaves our shop is created with passion and quality craftsmanship.


Through CAD we are able to take an idea and create a computerized rendering showing exactly what the finished product will look like. If a photo isn’t enough, we are able to print a 3D wax model that makes it very easy for you to feel the comfort and see the size of the piece before being cast.

Bruce Owen Custom Jewelry Design


We are diamond and gemstone brokers. We are able to source and quickly bring in stones for you to view at no charge until the desired stone is chosen. When creating a custom piece we use precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium.


If you have any outdated jewelry collecting dust, bring it in and lets create a new custom made piece. For example, if you have a sentimental family heirloom that is outdated, we can pull and re-set the stone into a new piece, melt down gold and recycle it into a new piece, or you can trade the gold towards the final price of the custom made piece.

If you are interested in creating a custom piece with us here at Bruce Owen Jewelry Design, please give us a call, email, or message us on social media to set up a free consultation.